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I have to admit, when I channel surf and there is an infomercial on TV, I watch it. I sort of like the way they are trying to convince me that I need this, it's the last time it will be seen, hurry or you will miss out. I am entranced by it sometimes! I guess that is the whole point and they are doing their jobs well.

The gadgets that irritate me the most or the ones that promise you "fitness". If it sounds to good to be true, then it is.

I see that abs are a big target for gadgets. I have never purchased any of them because I, being a Certified Exercise Physiologist, can spot a farse a mile away and it's my job to block you from being dooped!

Ab Doer Twist:

A sort of swivel chair with a flexible back and high armrests that allows you to pivot away your muffin top by targeting those often-missed oblique muscles along the sides of your waist. It's a huge piece of equipment. There are far better ways to whip yourself into shape than dancing around a big orange throne. $215.00

For me it's a big NO.

The Perfect Sit-Up:

This device is sort of a back rest with metal strips that connect to stirrups and a neck support. The idea is that it makes crunches and the like both dummy-proof and changeling because of the added resistance. I have done some research and read the reviews, the neck support is uncomfortable, defeats the purpose and the devise does not improve your form in any way. There is a hanger attachment so you can store it in your closet and forget about it a lot easier!

$99.00 save your money and get down and give me some crunches!


P90X – Removable Chin-up Bar and Chin-up Assist:

  This contraption my friends will bring you to new levels, no doubt! This removable chin-up bar rests securely on most door frames, or you can use it on the floor for push-ups and sit-ups. Thanks to this thing I can do 3 full chin-ups! And with the Chin-up assist I can do 10. It really is a great devise. And if you have wrist issues, you can do push-ups holding on to the handles and it will get the tweek out of your wrist.

$59.85 for bar

$39.90 for assist

Definitely worth the investment!

The Three Minute Leg Machine:

By far the silliest contraption I have ever seen. (There was another silly one I saw once called the Horse Trainer or something like that, it was a hobby horse type thing that you "exercised" on!) This 3 Minute Leg thing is an inverted V shaped hobby horse on wheels that supposrts you as you squat and lunge and adds resistance with rubber banding. Really? Just do good old fashined squats and lunges and you will be golden!


Here are a few from the archives of nostalgia!


The soap was sold at the turn of the last century, claiming to "wash" the fat away and perpetuating the stereotype that overweight people are somehow dirty or unkempt.


The myth that a person can spot-reduce troubled areas began as early as this 1909 advertisement for a rubber garment that was meant to help users lose fat. Because the tight, molded rubber caused perspiration, many believed that wearing the specialized clothing for a few hours a day would result in actual weight loss.




Vibrating Belt Machines
Originally developed to improve the circulation of people who were too sick to exercise, the vibrating belt machine enjoyed some popularity in the 1960s and 70s, though an early model was available in the early 1920s.











Unfortunately the list goes on and on. Buyer beware and get educated. That is why there are people like me to help you out! If you ever have any questions, ask! Remember, there is never a dumb question!


Maria DiCroce has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 20 years. Fitness became a passion after attending some local fitness clubs and she became hooked. Always athletic, fitness was second nature. While working as a medical assistant and perfecting phlebotomy it was apparent that she was drawn more and more to the fitness arena. Getting certified with The American College of Sport Medicine – ACSM and AFAA, she decided to follow her passion to help people reach their health and fitness goals with personal training , group fitness  and personal fitness coaching.



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