Renovated by God

by admin on December 3, 2016

Renovated by God


Have you ever painted a dark colored room to a fresh, light color?

I have done a lot of painting and renovating in my life in our home. I love to see something old receive a new life. Or something that was discarded as trash to become something beautiful. I see the vision in things like that. I have done some dumpster diving in my day!

I remember recently that I was paining an old cabinet. For the longest time, I used to strip wood down, but I recently started to love to paint wood..a sin to me in the past! Lol

As I was painting the Holy Spirit revealed Himself to me. That the Lord wants to help us prepare, renovate and paint a room that is our body.

Sometimes before you paint a room there are holes to patch up in the walls . Those patches in us may be emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental in nature.

I am an Exercise Physiologist and my passion is to help people get healthy so they can be all they can be and used for His mighty Kingdom!

When I help people start a new program and way of life they sometimes see very little changes, I try to assure them that more will come with consistency. This is the time the Lord is patching up the holes and preparing the room! There are cracks in the walls of our bodies. Those cracks of discouragement get filled by praying for one another and encouragement from each other.

Sometimes old wallpaper needs to be peeled away. If you have ever tried to take down wall paper, you know what a chore that is. It does not just peel away easily, especially if it is paper backed. It takes time to peel away, and sometimes there are multiple layers! We have to peel the layers away before we paint the wall.  We have to trust God with this sometimes painful, messy project.

I have this huge bag in my basement of tools I use for these projects. Over the years I have tried to perfect them, you live and learn. You have to have the right tools to get the project done, otherwise it’s even more frustrating! The right tools help us get the desired effect we are looking for.

The Bible is THE TOOL! God wants us to use it in our life to get the desired effect in our lives.

You can lose weight, gain it back and stay on a roller coaster of up and down weight loss. But if you have God’s Word in your heart and His promises, there is something that happens to the texture and quality of your walls.

Without the right tools, we are going to spend way too much time doing the job and probably messing it up. You might keep searching for makeshift tools and not get the desired effect.

Without the Bible, people search aimlessly for the effect only Jesus can give you.


What color does God want your room?

Sometimes you can paint a room and see that it for sure needs another coat of paint!

And there are times (many,many times!)  you are going to have to give yourself another coat of Scripture!

The enemy wants us to focus on feelings and he lies to us through those feelings. Continue to coat your room with Scripture, beautiful colorful Scripture!

God wants to be the one to paint our walls. HE wants to be a part of the process. But HE gives us a choice.

We have to choose to want Him and to let the people He has put in our lives to help us.



Father, the room in my heart needs some renovation.

Please come in and do whatever will help me to be more like Jesus.

Please help me to stay on course in my ongoing journey of wellness.

Reveal to me the color and texture of your Beauty!



Do you need another coat of paint? Do you need to be completely renovated?

What color are you going to choose? How will you make sure God is the one who guides those decisions?

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