A Clean Start – Detox Time! Why and How

by admin on May 30, 2012

We are half way though the year already. Do you remember your New Years's Resolution? It seems like a distant memory. There are all sorts of temptations to stray us away from our goals – Memorial Day Weekend, that Birthday Party, a celebratory dinner, ETC!!!! Chances are that you have plenty of reasons to wipe your slate clean.

Even those who live a fairly healthy life-style are exposed to, and occasionally ingest, (like my husband and I did last weekend) …being the transparent person that I am..we indulged on Chicken Wings and Steamers! AHH After we did this awesome 21 day Reset Program, we felt so scrubbed on the inside! No worries, we got right back on the wagon, especially since on Monday we will be starting P90X again!

We took a break from "the big 5" – animal products, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and gluten. We focused on  whole fresh foods. Truthfully, it was challenging, especially with the coffee thing and all the chopping! The first 2 days I had a banging headache. But as the days progressed I embraced this way of life. We also did the Daniel Fast last year with our church. I have to say that was what originally catapulted our quest to put into our bodies, or temples what God had originally intended for it in the first place! It's in the Bible! Read Daniel 10:2-3 and Daniel 1. It's all there. I can be assured  that processed foods are not  at all what the Lord intended for us to nourish our bodies with. I have to take a moment to thank our daughters for jumping on this band wagon years before we did! Thank you Stefanie, Jacqueline and Ariana! <3

The most important advice of this 21 day Reset Program is to do it with a buddy. There are ways to reduce that coffee-with drawl headache, go to a party without blowing the cleanse, and what do you do when you have a craving for steak!

If you decide to do the Ultimate Reset, you will not be alone in this adventure. I will be there for you for continual support, your buddy! 🙂


Maria DiCroce has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 20 years. Fitness became a passion after attending some local fitness clubs and she became hooked. Always athletic, fitness was second nature. While working as a medical assistant and perfecting phlebotomy it was apparent that she was drawn more and more to the fitness arena. Getting certified with The American College of Sport Medicine – ACSM and AFAA, she decided to follow her passion to help people reach their health and fitness goals with personal training , group fitness  and personal fitness coaching.




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