80 Day Obsession by Autumn Calabrese Coming in January!

by admin on November 24, 2017


It’s time to get OBSESSED!!  As a SUPERFAN of Autumn Calabrese, I’m super-excited for this, especially because it targets abs and BUTT… my problem area.  What’s cool about this program is there are actually 80 separate workouts.  You actually get to see the program in real-time, and watch the bodies of the cast change as the workouts progress — including Autumn’s.  It’s set to be released on January 15th, 2018 as a series of LIVE workouts on Beachbody on Demand.  Until then, we recommend these other Autumn Calabrese Programs:

The 80 Day Obsession Workouts

What’s completely new and unique about this program is that it is filmed in REAL TIME.  Meaning you get 80 workouts, day-by-day, and follow along with the cast as they transform their own bodies.  Workouts are great for weight loss while toning your core and shaping your booty.  The workouts are intense… but they’re SUPPOSED to be.  They’re for anyone committed to seeing REAL CHANGE in 80 days.   Unlike the 21 Day Fix, the workouts are longer.  They range from about 45 minutes to an hour in length…. all designed to get you in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE.  Who doesn’t want that?  You’ll get a total body workout, but some days focus entirely on your butt, your legs, upper body.  Cardio is also part of the mix- to maximize fat burn.

Workouts for the week will be released on Sunday nights, great for those early-morning exercisers ready to hit it hard Monday morning.  Once the workouts are released, they will stay up on Beachbody on Demand permanently.  80 Day Obsession follows a 13-week format, with six workouts each week and a rest day.  So, the entire series of 80 workouts is spread out over 91 days.

What is Beachbody on Demand?

Beachbody on Demand is an online streaming service for Beachbody workouts.  Think of it like the Netflix of Fitness.  You will need BOD for 80 Day Obsession, as the workout program will not be released on DVD.  In addition to streaming workouts, BOD gives you access to the nutrition program for all the programs, the Fixate cooking show and other great resources and workout exclusives like:

  • A Week of Hard Labor (Sagi Kalev)
  • Warrior Arms, Burpee Burner, Daily Yoga Routine, Tonyoga, Myofascial Release (Tony Horton)
  • Kill Cupcake, Full-Body Stability Ball Routine, Fast Belly Burn-Ab Workout, Resistance (Autumn Calabrese)
  • Beachbody Yoga Studio
  • 8×8, Lift and HIIT:  Full Body Express, Grab Bag: Power ( Joel Freeman)
  • Half and Half, Half and Half HARDER (Jericho Mc Matthews)
  • Pre-and Post-Natal workouts (Autumn Calabrese)

Sign up for Beachbody on Demand HERE.

Who is a Good Fit for 80 Day Obsession?

This program is for those who already have at least an entry-level base of fitness.  If you’ve not yet gone through the 21 Day Fix program, I’d recommend doing that first.  If you are gearing up to 80 Day Obsession, I’d recommend doing at least one round of 21 Day Fix followed by 21 Day Fix Extreme.  However, if you’re in a time crunch one round should be sufficient to get you familiar with Autumn’s style, the container system and clean eating, while building that minimum level of fitness required to do 80 Day Obsession.  It’s great for you IF:

  • You have a basic understanding of clean eating
  • You have completed a beginning level fitness program already
  • You want to tone your butt
  • You want to sculpt your abs
  • You want to lose fat

I’m hosting a Countdown to Obsession group starting in November to prep anyone for 80 Day Obsession who may need it, along with some that just want to get ahead of the game!   (Scroll down to apply) It’s great for anyone wanting to shape their body without bulking up.  You’ll shrink your core and shape your booty all while burning fat and improving total body strength.

80 day obsession meal plan80 Day Obsession Menu Plan

With 80 Day Obsession, the Portion Fix System containers are used, but this program utilizes a timed macronutrient program.  It tells you what to eat WHEN – taking the guesswork out.  Like the 21 Day Fix, you’ll do a quick calorie calculation to find out which bracket you fall into.  However, with 80 Day Obsession you’ll be eating the proper macronutrients to fuel your body what it needs at just the right time.  You’ll get a pre-workout and post-workout meal. For example, for breakfast your bracket may say you need one green, one red and one blue.  This truly will maximize getting the right nutrients into your system to optimize performance and muscle growth and recovery.  BONUS – you also get a “refeed” day.  That’s when the nutrition plan gets a bump up starchy carbs, fruits… all to add to those glycogen stores.  You’ll do it on a leg day, and the first one happens at 6 weeks.  Then, “refeed” days happen every few weeks after that.

80 Day Obsession Supplements

To boost your workout performance, Autumn recommends using Beachbody Performance Energize 15-30 minutes before your workout.  Because your muscles will be sore, it’s recommended that you use Beachbody Performance Recover after your workout as well as Beachbody Performance Recharge at night 30 minutes before you go to bed to speed muscle recovery.  If you want to try them, they come in a Beachbody Performance Sampler pack.

About 80 Day Obsession From Autumn Calabrese Herself:

“The focus of 80 Day Obsession is 3-fold.

1. Build the glutes.  Yes, we all want a great looking back side but its just as important to have a strong butt.  That’s right, glutes are a big muscle that do a lot of work.  We spend a lot of our day sitting on our butts, we need to get those muscles firing and functioning properly.

2. Reduce total body fat, especially in the stubborn belly area

3. Emphasize the right kind of core work to get flat but defined abdominals. It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to build my butt and I’ve been working on it for awhile now. This program proves that with the right combination of exercises and timed nutrition – shaped,  firm glutes that look good and function even better doesn’t have to be restricted to the genetically gifted. The booty is made of muscle and just like any other muscle in the body, it can be built and sculpted. Part of the reason I have hip issues is because I need strong butt muscles!

The focus of 80 Day Obsession is exciting, but what I’m even more excited about is the way I get to deliver it to you over the course of 13 weeks. This isn’t 7 workouts on repeat. Every workout is unique in some way so I keep your body (and your mind) guessing and you never get bored. It’s how I would train you if you were a personal client meeting me in the gym every day.

  • 16 functional and foundational workout routines
  • 45-60 minutes in length
  • 3 total phases with new workouts and moves for each phase
  • Weekly changes to the reps, weights and intensity of that phases’ workouts so you never repeat the exact same workout.
  • Weights, sliders, loops, and HIIT cardio moves to create a lean, sculpted and STRONG body.

I know the lingering question on everyone’s mind is what about the food! Here’s the deal. It’s simple, it’s delicious and it’s gonna get you the results you want. I’ve precisely timed your consumption of carbs, fat and especially protein so that your nutrition is actually doing a lot of the work for you when it comes to body shaping and fat burning. Your meals are timed around your actual workout to help grow and firm the muscles you’re working.

I’m confident you guys are going to love this macro-nutrition program because it takes all the guess work out. I literally tell you exactly how to eat AND when to eat and we use the familiar container system from 21 Day Fix to make sure you’re getting the right portion and combination of each food group when your body needs it most.

While abs and booty may be a primary vanity objective, this program is designed for your body to function optimally, to be lean, but shockingly strong. Yes, a great looking body is nice, but a great looking body that works well, moves well and feels great is truly a gift!

One last thing… I went with the word “obsession” because to achieve the kind of results this program delivers in just under three months takes a specific type of focus. You could say we’re becoming obsessed with the process, obsessed with the details that help move us forward, obsessed with self-care and obsessed with making physical, mental and even nutritional gains.”


Equipment Needed for 80 Day Obsession

For 80 Day Obsession, you’ll need weights, resistance loops and sliders.  Most of you have free weights already.  If you did PiYo, you will have the sliders (available here:  Sliders with Booties).  Or you can use paper plates!

The resistance loops will be available on TeamBeachbody.com in December 14th so you can get them before the program launches, or get them on amazon! They are actually the prize this month in my accountability group!


This will be our COUNTDOWN TO OBSESSION group as well, for those who would like to prepare to be obsessed…

Apply for our 80 Day Obsession Launch Group


80 day obsession before after photos80 day obsession before after photos80 day obsession before after photos80 day obsession before after photos80 day obsession before after photos

80 Day Obsession Before and After Photos

80 day obsession before and after photos

80 day obsession before and after photos

80 day obsession before and after photos






80 day Obsession Before and After Pictures80 day Obsession Before and After Pictures80 day Obsession Before and After Pictures80 day Obsession Before and After Pictures22815089_10213893045140809_1882775885184306857_n23032629_10155660765512752_263199266571408348_n22851717_10156586972356808_5495327459650514344_n22815639_10156586972806808_407483670365313866_n80 day Obsession Before and After Pictures

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