Honest Ultimate Reset Review – Week 1

by admin on January 22, 2017


Honest Ultimate Reset Review

Since I'm doing the Ultimate Reset again, I wanted to post a new review for you guys. The first time I did the Ultimate Reset was back in May of 2013.

It went well, I got results from it but mentally..It made me feel I can do anything! There were no restrictions as far as eating less, infact you ate all day long! 
It was ll new to us so we dove it. It was a great cooking lesson too. I learned so much about cooking with spices. It really did change our lives, we actually became vegans for 1.5 years after the Reset. 

We felt really good.

I did pick up a few tips and things I loved along the way

  1. Himalayian Salt (o-m-gee delicious & nutritious hehe it adds natural minerals that your body needs)
  2. The Oatmeal breakfast with maple syrup- to dieee for
  3. Drinking a ton of water
  4. Consciously eating & chewing completely. You actually shouldn't drink water during your meal because it dilutes digestive juices & acids, slowing down digestion which can cause digestive problems. Who knew?
  5. Sleep! ah the sleep I got was AMAZING! 
  6. My skin was super clear after the first week- what girl wouldn't love that?

End results- I lost 8 lbs and Paul lost 14! grrrrrr


My Current Reset Experience:

It's so funny because I feel like I'm in a completely different mental space than I was the last time. This time around is NOTHING like the first time. 

We did this after the holidays and after our week long vacation in Aruba.

We both came home with colds, that I still ahve as I type this! 

The food prep was so new to us the first time, it was exciting…now , not so much. Being sick didn't help. I was not into cooking every single meal. That's the honest truth.


So what's different?  I've been really reflecting on that over the last few days and I think it's a combination of a few things

  1.  My reason for WANTING to do the Ultimate Reset this time is solid. The first time we did it, I really just wanted to see what it was all about and experience it for myself. I didn't do it for ME…I did it to be able to help my team and the people who I coach. I love my team dearly…but if you are going to stick to a workout…meal plan…or doing ANYTHING really…you have to do it for YOU. This time I really thought about why I wanted to do it…and how I want to feel by the end of it…that motivation is greater than anything.
  2. I know what to expect! I KNOW to drink my water! Constantly! I loved all the meals. And if I didn't feel like cooking or chopping that day, it's ok..eat something differemt that is in the plan so I'm not ripping my hair out!
  3. I'm focused on ENJOYING the journey instead of the pursuit of perfection. I read the guide cover to cover…took notes and insisted that we do everything 100% exactly how they laid it out. Honestly, it stressed me out hardcore. I couldn't focus on enjoying our journey of detoxing.
  4. I have my support team. My husband Paul is helping me stick with it by supporting me every step of the way.

As of day 7, I am down 3.8 lbs. Weight loss isa great by-product of this, but it's neat to see the relationship between food and how you look/feel. I have amazing energy..except for this cold which is sapping me a bit! 


The Ultimate Reset Review: Week 1

Day 1: The Ultimate Reset started today, and I have to say, it wasn’t so bad. The food was great (eggs/spinach/toast for breakfast, salad for lunch, salmon/potatoes/asparagus for dinner), nice and fresh… really, how it should always be. Drank plenty of distilled water. And the supplements are easy to take. The hardest part was the lack of caffeine.BUt I purchased this herbal coffee that is naturally acid and caffine free that tastes pretty good.  Felt slightly tired most of the day and am fading fast tonight. But all and all, a good first day, which should be expected given how we’re just getting going.

Ultimate Reset Review - Stir Fry:Quinoa:Cucumber Tomato Salad

Day 2: Another decent day for The Ultimate Reset. Food was solid (got to have a bean & rice taco at dinner with a healthy side of guacamole). The Power Greens is like a shot of green earth…I love it..some don't!  The supplements are simple.  Been sleepy a bit but hopefully that will improve.

Day 3: No real complaints on the taste of the food: good flavors and great variety. In fact, we had homemade nori wraps! I liked them so much we purchased this awesome Sushi Made Easy device to help simplify the process, which leads me to my next point: the food prep is quite an endeavor. For the uninitiated, it’s like culinary boot camp. But there’s merit in that I believe, as it makes us more in tune to what we’re putting in our bodies as we move away from buying factory foods.

Still a little sleepy during the day and have been fighting some mild headaches since yesterday. The Ultimate Reset guidebook said this is normal, but to not take anything for it. So I haven’t. My guess is it’s the lack of caffeine. 
Ultimate Reset Review - Baked Tempeh:Spinach:Avocado

Day 4: The headaches have gone away. I haven’t been getting the good rest I was expecting and I think it’s due to the high water consumption, but also I have this cold/coach as well.The Ultimate Reset suggests taking your body weight, divide it in half, and that number in ounces is how much distilled water you should have. I think I’ve done more than that, which is permissible assuming you don’t mind two to four trips to the potty in the middle of the night. I do mind so I’m cutting back.

Day 5: One of the harder things for me about this cleanse is not having anything to drink with my meals. You are not supposed to drink anything 30 minutes before or after a meal but sometimes, it’s really helpful to have a glass of something to wash down that dry whole-grain toast. But I press on.

Day 6: Today started with an unusual breakfast of baked tempeh with avocado and kale. Not a typical breakfast and frankly, I am not a fan of the soy, but it is fermented so that is much better for you.  


The root medley and zucchini cashew soup dinner on the other handUltimate Reset Review - Root Medley:Millet:Zucchini Cashew Soup was wonderful, the surprise hit of the week for me. 

Day 7: This was the first day I’ve noticed a difference in how I feel: I have more energy. Now I’m not one who usually struggles in this area, but I’m also one who can take a nap most any day, not because I’m exhausted, but because I just love naps.  I really look forward to my Sunday afternoon nap. So on one hand this was a bummer that I couldn’t fall asleep. But on the other hand, hey, I’ve got more energy and I feel really good. My husband mentioned he noticed his energy levels increasing as the week went on as well.

The Ultimate Reset Review: Week 1 Results

I had more energy. My digestion was already good but probably slightly improved. And, I lost 3.8 pounds! In all fairness, my starting weight was probably exaggerated from some poor eating choices from the holidays and our vacation. But still, even if it’s only 3.8  pounds, that’s significant.

Was it difficult to stay on track at times?  Of course!  You’re completely revamping your nutrition habits and it’s natural to resist change.  Thankfully, there’s a wonderful support network for you while you’re doing the program.  Some of my bumps in the road included the muscle fatigue I experienced during days 2-4.

Convenience foods no longer exist. You’ll need to take the time and make the effort to prepare all your meals from fresh whole foods.  But while you do it, you’ll discover great new ideas for future meals and snacks.  While doing the program, I’ve discovered a love of kale, jicama and beets! You need to keep an open mind during the process and if you do, I guarantee you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised- not only with how good the food tastes but how good your body will feel.  My stomach has never felt leaner!  And speaking of my tummy, shameful confession time, I have had frequent bouts of painful gas in my adult life- I did not have any gas whatsoever while doing the Ultimate Reset.  Another big bonus? I’ve kicked my Coke Zero addiction and no longer need sleeping pills to get to sleep each night.

Who should do the Ultimate Reset?

The Ultimate Reset is ideal for those who are seeking to better their nutritional habits.  If you’re feeling stuck in a rut nutrition-wise or have had problems busting through a plateau, the Ultimate Reset is for you.  If food is a problem for you (whether it be an obsession with food or emotional eating), the Ultimate Reset is for you.  The Ultimate Reset is a very regimented program that will put you on a schedule with a detailed meal plan and will help you change bad habits.  You’ll learn how to become a CONSCIOUS eater, rather than an EMOTIONAL one.  Chances are, you’ll be eating a lot more healthy than you ever have in your life and you’ll carry these new positive habits with you post-Reset- hopefully, for the rest of your life.

Why should I order the Ultimate Reset through you?

As someone who’s experienced the program firsthand, I can tell you exactly what to expect, how to minimize grocery costs while shopping for your Ultimate Reset meal ingredients and provide complete support for you throughout your 21 day Ultimate Reset adventure. 

Have any more questions about the program? Contact me!

Ready to order?  Click here 

Stay tuned for Week 2 review next week! 



Our Ultimate Reset Journey

by admin on January 14, 2017



We decided to do the Ultimate Reset in January because I thought that was the perfect way to kick off the new year.  And plus since Thanksgiving, truthfully we have been going 2 steps forwrad and 1 step back. Holiday's , Birthdays, Family, Vacations!

I'll be the first to admit, though I'm not proud, I let the Holidays creep in and get a piece of me.   As I get older, I am going to be 54 in July , It has very hard to lose weight and VERY easy for me to put it back on.  After a week in Aruba  where I didn't get my workouts in and wasn't eating as clean as usual, the weight gain started and FAST. Even before that my cheat meals were becoming cheat days. I would find myself over eating and portions out of whack. My body was still in this limbo and I had zero control over it.  I started to think amd I going to be like this? Do I accept this?

 The Ultimate Reset changed ALL of that in just 21 days time when we did it 3 years ago. The constant worry if I'm going to gain weight over a meal, if everything needs to be detailed, am I going to be hungry later? -Those mental strains were gone. The Reset helped me learn to LISTEN to what my body was telling me.  To be more conscious of my habits and to change my psychological relationship with food.  

So what exactly is the Ultimate Reset?

The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day, three phase detox program.  This isn't a cleanse, it's not a magical weight loss program (though weight loss can and will happen), but it is a total internal detox. You get to scrub your insides.

Consisting of a detailed meal plan for your entire three week journey, as well as daily supplements to get your internal system working at its optimal function, the Reset is all about creating balance and getting your body back to homeostasis. 

How does it work?
The Ultimate Reset works by breaking the sequence of the detox down into three phases; Reclaim, Release and Restore. Each phase has a strategic meal plan as well as sequence of supplements which are all included. Before each meal there are supplements to be taken 30 minutes prior to eating.  Get ready to be hydrated because you will be drinking a lot of water! Throughout the duration of the program it is not advised to do any strenuous workouts.  This pulls the energy away from all of the internal work going on and you do not get the full benefits of the Reset. Light walking, Restorative Yoga, stretching and Tai Cheng are all acceptable activities to do while participating in the Ultimate Reset.

What are the supplements?


What do you mean by phases?
This is where the supplements and nutrition plan come into play. The nutrition is CRITICAL and the timing of the supplements are crucial to the system as well.

Reclaim: This is your first week. This week is all about inner balance with your body chemistry and preparing it for change. Nutrition is mainly clean and you are eating foods like eggs, oats, salmon, fresh fruit and veggies and chicken. The supplements in Reclaim are;

-Optimize 2 capsules before each meal
-Alkalanize 1 packate mid-day or before snack (this is like a shot of wheat grass. It's not the BEST tasting but it's only a shot-so power through!)
-Soothe 2 capsules before dinner
-64 oz of Naturalize + Distilled water (1/4 tsp Naturalize per 1 gallon distilled water) I averaged about a gallon of water a day.

You may experience headaches and tiredness in the first 3-5 days. 
The only time I experienced a headache was day one.  It could have been from a number of things but I was definitely hurting. It was nothing a good night of sleep couldn't fix.

Release: During this phase your body releases the toxic compounds that are clogging it's cells. In the second week you take the same supplements in phase one but also add in 1 packet of Detox 30 minutes before each meal with your supplements. This drink wasn't too bad but I found it to be better with cold Mineralize water. Nutrition during this week is vegan based.  I was a little apprehensive to this week and thought I would be hungry and miserable the entire time.  Not the case.  The meals were filling and delicious and I started to find myself craving the healthy food.  During Release my energy started increasing and I started seeing some major changes start taking place with my mood, mental clarity and energy.  At the end of Release I was down 9 lbs!

Restore: The home stretch! During this phase you restore your metabolism to it's maximum efficiency.  You reinforce your body with nutrients, enzymes and probiotics that your body needs to maintain healthy functioning in the future. Restore is an entire plant based diet of fruits and vegetables.  For supplements you continue with the supplements as in phase one and two, except Detox is replaced with Revitalize capsules. Again, I had no idea how I was going to survive this week just on fruits and veggies.  It has been much easier than I expected.  Now healthy foods are actually tasting good, my mental clarity is the best it's been in all of the three weeks and I am no longer stressing over food.

What is the food like?

The recipes are AMAZING! It was like a cooking lesson! Learned new foods and learned how to cook with spices! It is nice to be able to swap meals around too! If there is something you really enjoy and want to have more than once that week that's fine! OR if you like to meal prep and make things in bulk that is perfect too! HOWEVER you can only swap a lunch for lunch or dinner for dinner within the same phase. 

For example: No trading lunch in phase one for a dinner in phase three. 

TRUST THE PROCESS! You'll be glad you did!

TIP:: Meal prep as much as possible: Cut up your veggies a head of time so they are easy to grab for snacks or recipes. Have lentils, quinoa and brown rice prepared ahead of time.  Make your salad dressings in advance.  Do anything you can to make your Reset as simple as possible.

What has the Ultimate Reset done for me?
Well, we did this 3 years ago and are about to embark on another journey on Monday! I am excited! It literally changed our lives. We actually became vegans for a  1.5 years after that!

Always thinking about what my next meal was going to be, was it going to make me fat, would I always be hungry…My life revolved around food. Emotional eating, binge eating, kinda controlled me. I thought if I wourlded out I can cheat a little. NO WAY>>IT CAN:T HAPPEN THAT WAY! ..

 My psychological relationship has changed with food.  I now understand food isn't a reward food is what keeps my body healthy and running properly. I have learned to listen to my body and to treat myself better.  I am sleeping better AND I've lost weight! The Ultimate Reset has really opened my eyes to treating my body with respect and care.

What can the Ultimate Reset do for you?
-Remove harmful toxins
-Promote safe and healthy weight loss
-Increase energy
-Lower 'bad' cholesterol
-Boost mood and mental clarity
-Reduce inflammation
-Promote healthy digestion and improve regularity

What is included with the Ultimate Reset?

-Six Supplements
All of the supplements are included with your package

-Participant Guidebook
All the information you need AND meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and tips for getting the most out of your Reset.

-Quickstart Guide
Overview and what to expect and supplement schedule.

-2 DVDS: Reset Your Health and Cooking Class  
How to get started strong with your Reset and helpful tips and demonstrations to simplify your recipes and meal prepping

-supplement caddy
A pouch to carry all of your supplements in when you are on the go.

-The Ultimate Reset bracelet 
This will remind you what you are working towards (I wore mine all of week one, it really helped me stay strong and stick with it when I wanted to give in. You'd be surprised the power that bracelet has!)

If you are thinking about a detox program or a way to get control on your nutrition I HIGHLY recommend the Ultimate Reset. The meals are good, you're never starving yourself and the benefits are INCREDIBLE! 

I was very skeptical on what my results would be without doing any workouts. To my satisfaction I not only feel amazing but confident and happy in my skin again 🙂

Can't wait for that again!!! 


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