When success is your only option it becomes the only thing that you can think about.  TRUE?  No matter if its your fitness journey or its the start of your own business you have this drive, motivation, focus and commitment to truly reaching your goals.  You get your engine all revved up, you dream big, you set goals, you have this fire in your belly that you know some way, some how something great is about to happen to you.  Then you sign up, you become a coach or join a challenge group and you feel on top of the World.
Excited New Coach
Then, it's time to get started!!  (insert oh CRAP button).  You freeze, you get scared, you literally have no idea where to go from here!  There is this flood of emotion that come
surging into your body!Team Beachbody Coach Training
Common thoughts consist of:
  • What if I fail?
  • What if no one wants to join my group?
  • What if I annoy my friends?
  • I don't want to sell people stuff.
  • I am afraid of what others will think of me?
  • I am not at my goal weight.
  • I don't have a lot of friends on facebook.
  • I am shy.
  • I don't know anything about social media.
  • I am not a fitness professional or expert in nutrition.
  • I don't have enough time.
  • I don't have money to get started.
  • I can't possibly do everything that YOU do!

Yes I have heard it all! Trust me, being a leader in Team Beachbody for almost 4 years has brought every single emotion possible either in my own mind or from the mind of my team!  The one thing that consistently holds people back from success is the fear of failure!  It has this truly debilitating control over many people.  I mean people want to be successful in every sense of the word but literally their mind stops them dead in their tracks from moving forward.  TRUST me, I've been there!!!  I know this feeling all to well.  Let me tell you a secret!

I have battled depression and really struggled with anxiety attacks with clostrophobia into my early adult career. I have to say at times it seems to get worse! It was to the point where I could not go into elevators and I still really can't.  But through a lot of prayer and focus I am slowley over coming this.  The one thing I learned is to ask myself this, "Am I going to die?"  Is this situation fatal?  Truthfully, if I fail what is the worst that can happen? Say your response to those questions OUT LOUD.  It almost sounds silly when you say your irrational fears out loud!  Repeat after me, "I AM AFRAID OF SUCCESS" How crazy is that! Success doesn't happen over night.  Success takes time, its a ladder that you climb one rung at a time. The reason it happens gradually is so that you have time to adjust to the new role, the new feelings and you are able to grow as a leader as your success grows! The only thing we should be afraid of is not trying at all!
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Beachbody Coaching
Starting a new business is different from the norm.  The norm in our society is to get a job, work for a boss, complete the job description, collect a paycheck and go home!  But what if you could be the boss, determine your own work hours, build your own company from the ground up, be truly passionate about your days work and be fulfilled in more ways that one from it?!  
Sounds like a pretty sweet deal right?!?!?  To some yes and to others it scares the living daylights out of them.  But that is why there are so many options in the world we live in.  No matter what your personality style is there is a career path that fits who YOU are!  So if you find yourself sitting here reading this asking yourself if you would be good at it then you definitely need to explore the options!!!  
Why?  Because, you don't ever want to wonder if it would of been the right fit for you!  Honestly, if it ends up not being your thing then that is totally ok!  But I believe in giving everyone a fair chance, with proper training, support, accountability and motivation!!!
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I am about to launch what I call "PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE" live life "BRILLIANTLY" with the  Team Phitness and it's going to be EPIC!!! 
It's going to kick off with a 5 day sneak peak of what is a Beachbody Coach if you have no idea what coaching is all about.  This is the perfect place for you to ask questions, get answers to the things you don't know and to determine if our style of leadership and business would jive well together. Every day there will be a post and a video of the day to watch.  It will be on topics such as the compensation plan, how did I get started as a coach, how to become a coach when you aren't at your weight loss goal yet, how to coach and have a full time job, ect….
So if want to check this out make sure that I am your coach by going to my site and creating a free profile!  Then request to join the EVENT!!
If you have been considering becoming a coach or you are just ready to jump right into the game then now is the time!  I am kicking off my Live Life Brilliantly Accelerated Coach Apprenticeship Program on August 4th. 
 I am truly limiting this group to a select few brand new coaches. They will join MY team and are:
-Committed to growing a business that is successful based on your own goals and personal commitment.
-Driven to be successful & are willing to take a risk.
-Dedicated to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.
-Are looking to earn extra income for themselves and family.
-Are looking to replace an income or make a career change.
-Are truly looking for that passion in life that makes you excited to wake up each day and go to your job!
-Are motivated, driven, caring and committed to putting some skin in the game!
If you feel that you possess the qualities to become a successful coach then I am openly inviting you to be considered for a spot on my team.  The spots will fill up fast so don't delay.
Email me at : Phitness635@hotmail.com
The cool part about what I do as a leader is this:
I literally live, breathe, and wake up to help my team!  There is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking of how I can improve my process, my strategy and my teaching to help my team be successful quicker! I want to avoid my team from making mistakes that I made, from learning the hard way or re-inventing the wheel.  I am an open book and I train each and every one of my coaches through my new coach apprenticeship program.  This program is not a cookie cutter, pre packaged training program, it is literally customized to the Team Phitness to my teaching style, and delivered by myself!!!  
For the next 60 days you get daily, 24/7 access to myself, my closed online group, weekly mentoring calls and 1:1 calls to help you get started right!
I will teach you the most important daily activities to focus your attention and energy on.  We will discuss how to invite, how to share not sell, how to use social media to expand your market of influence, how to take your every day life and turn it into your business.  How to take your passion for helping others and make a profit.  I am going to give you access to all of my training tools, documents, resources, guides, videos and more.  There is nothing that you will not have access to!
I believe that training and getting started right are the keys to success. 
If you want to be a successful coach, if you want to help inspire others to make a change, if you want to live your life brilliantly every single day then today is your day to take a leap of faith and join the  Team Phitness along with The Empire.  We have a wealth of knowledge, information, leadership, support and mentoring to plug in to. There is nothing that you can't accomplish with a family like this! 
I hope to be hearing fro you soon!!


I have been spending some time reflecting over my leadership as a coach and a mentor in the last few months.  I will be quite honest with you it has been a struggle.  I still to this day stand firm with my "WHY" for becoming a Beachbody Coach.  My Why is to help other people feel the same way that I did as a result of the support and guidance that a challenge group has to offer.  But with all the different leadership styles that are out there and different types of leaders it is hard to know which one is the RIGHT one! Which was is the right way to lead?!  Is one leadership style better than the other?  NO!!!

There is not one leader that is 100% right all the time.  I have come to the realization that I cannot make everyone happy no matter how hard I try.  So what I have decided is that I am going to define my leadership style, I am going to read it outloud to myself frequently and then I am going to do the very best that I can to stay true to that leadership style. Does that mean I will be perfect… NO!  Does it mean I will make mistakes…YES!  Does it mean that I will say the wrong things sometimes….OF COURSE, I am human and we are flawed!  But I do everything in my business and in my life from the goodness of my heart!

I define my leadership style or the way that I live my life and lead those on my team as SERVANT LEADERSHIP!!!


What is servant leadership?  It is a set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more caring world.  The servant leader first begins with the natural feeling of wanting to serve first.  I focus on meeting the needs of my team each and every day.  I focus on making sure that my challengers are getting the support they were promised even if it means I go that extra mile.

Do you know how you measure servant leadership?  You look at the people that you lead. Are they having success?  Are they moving forward?  I would truly say YES!  My team is becoming healthier, wiser, freer, and more likely to become servants themselves.


A servant leader focuses primarily on the growth and the well being of the people and the communities to which they belong.  The servant leader shares power,  buts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.

I want my team to have great faith and trust that I will always have their best interest at heart!

I truly believe that I am no different than anyone else in this world.  I am not entitled to anything more and I know that my experiences are a gift and that I am to use them to help others do good works.
My job is to Pay it forward each and every day.  I strive to make a positive impact and to help others reach their fullest potential.  It's not about being the top producer or the #1 coach in the network its about climbing to the top with dignity, not losing who you are in the shuffle, and remaining true to your core values and to your family.  Paying it forward means that you do what it takes to help others reach THEIR GOALS not YOURS!


I love this because I am not your BOSS but I am your mentor, supporter and biggest cheerleader!  You get to determine how fast or how slow you want to go!  You get to create your own vision, set your own work hours and ultimately the time and energy you invest are reflected in the growth of your business.  This is the beauty of being the CEO of your own business!

I can say it's worked well for my business model!  Our growth is a direct reflection of the way that we lead each and every day!  If I am telling you to do something you better believe that I am in the trenches doing it right along side of you too!

Cheers to knowing your leadership style, creating vision and clear cut goals that your entire team knows and shares the same understanding!


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