5 Ways to Break through Dreaded Weight Loss Plateaus

5 Ways to Break through Dreaded Weight Loss Plateaus

You're tracking calories, working out each day, then bam! For a week or two, the scale refuses to budge…and you realize you've hit a dreaded weight loss plateau. Now what?

Even though it's completely normal to hit a snag in your fitness journey, a perceived setback like this can send even the most dedicated dieter off course, away from healthy eating and toward cookies, cake, and pizza. But you can be strong and start getting back on the weight-loss track again. Try at least one of the following techniques, and there's a good chance you'll burst through your plateau in no time.

Here are five important things to know about hydration and exercise:
1. Zigzag your daily calorie intake.
In theory, you've got to eat less to lose more, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes you just have to shake things up. Here's one way to do it: If your average daily intake is 1,400 calories, try dropping to 1,200 one day, going up to 1,800 the next day, and then dropping back to 1,400. The idea is to keep your metabolism guessing. There's no magic number that works for everyone, so you'll have to experiment until you find the right calorie levels for you.

According to Beachbody Director of Results Steve Edwards, what happens when you zigzag is that you force your body to choose how many calories it needs to recover from the rigors of your exercise program. "Most people who hit a plateau are undereating. If you are indeed undereating, adding calories for a few days, then lowering them again, will help you force your body into a hormonal response that will not only help you break out of a plateau, but—as you learn to recognize the signals—will teach you how much food you should be eating."

2. Switch up your exercise routine.
If you do the same workout each day, eventually it can start to become less challenging, and (unfortunately) less effective. If you push yourself to new levels of strength or exhaustion, you'll almost certainly see a shift. Here are some ways you can challenge your body:

  • Swap your jog for a bike ride.
  • Try weights with your cardio routine. (ChaLEAN Extreme® or RevAbs® can help you do this.)
  • Add intervals of high intensity to really make you sweat. (INSANITY® is a great workout for this.)
  • Drop to the floor for 10 push-ups right now!

The idea is to try something different. According to Edwards, "The better you get at something, the easier it becomes. That's why we're always telling you to add more weight as you get stronger, and to move faster and jump higher as our programs progress. But it's also why all of our programs have phases of training. As your body adapts to stimulus, you need to change that stimulus in order to keep results happening."

3. Eat some almonds.
Almonds are a great snack, plus there's some research that indicates that they can help you burn fat. That's because they contain fiber and fatty acids—the good kind of fat that helps you lose weight. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity compared two groups of people who ate a 1,000-calorie-a-day diet. As part of their daily diet, one group ate 3 ounces of almonds every day. The other group ate a mix of complex carbs. What happened? The group that ate the almonds lost more weight.

So next time you grab a snack, try a small handful of almonds, or as Edwards says, "Any nut, really. While almonds are one of the better nuts, all of them have a similar nutritional profile and make excellent snacks. That research probably would have turned out similarly if they'd used walnuts or filberts or whatever."

4. Get more sleep.
This may seem like the opposite of number 2, but the truth is is that you could be training too hard, which is about the quickest way to hit a weight loss plateau, because an over-trained body holds on to weight as if it were starving to death. There's no better way to test this than to try and sleep more. The reason is that your body recovers much more quickly from exercise while it's asleep, and if you're burning the midnight oil while trying to do INSANITY, you could easily plateau from lack of recovery time.

In a recent study at the University of Chicago Medical School, researchers found that during a period when study participants were deprived of sleep, they metabolized glucose less effectively. Additionally, they had higher levels of the hormone cortisol, which has been shown to impair memory, increase insulin resistance, and slow recovery in athletes. "There's a good reason why five-time Tour de France winner Eddy Merckx said, 'The Tour is won in bed,'" says Edwards. Your body's recovery response during deep sleep is only rivaled by performance-enhancing drugs. When you're on the borderline of overtraining, getting more sleep is the first thing anyone should try."

5. Relax.
Believe it or not, the one big thing besides diet and exercise that can cause you to plateau is stress. When you're stressed, your body sends out higher levels of the hormone cortisol that, as stated in number 4, can encourage your body to hang on to fat. "Cortisol is actually a performance-enhancing hormone," says Edwards. "But it's gotten a bad rap because we've begun living our lives at too high a volume. Cortisol is released at times when the body is in an emergency state. It increases performance, but only over a short period of time. When cortisol is released and forced into action at regular intervals, it causes your body to wear down and switch to more drastic means of survival, like holding on to excess amounts of body fat. Your life shouldn't feel like one big emergency. As a society, we need to learn to be more tranquilo, as the Spanish say."

We get stressed for many reasons, almost all of which are influenced by the society around us. One of the best ways to combat stress is to get some alone time to chill. If you're the type who can't let go, try some forced relaxation techniques, of which yoga seems to be one of the most effective. There's something special about the mind/body interaction of yoga that forces a relaxed state even from the most stressed of us.

If you feel you need a lot of help, dig into an intense course, like P90X Yoga X. For others, something lighter, like Yoga Booty Ballet® Pure and Simple Yoga, will do the trick. If you're not into yoga, then consider at least adding some stretching into your schedule. Most of Beachbody's programs have at least one stretching session. TurboFire® even has two!




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  • Support a healthy intestinal tract
  • Aid in digestion
  • Help promote regularity
  • Help increase the absorption of nutrients

PREBIOTICS are naturally occurring undigestible carbohydrates, which are found in high-fiber foods and feed the "good" bacteria living in your intestines. Prebiotics, in combination with probiotics, are needed to help keep your
intestines healthy.

Think of prebiotics as the "food" that fuels the growth of probiotics, or good bacteria, in your intestines to help maintain good intestinal health and healthy digestion, and increase the ability to absorb nutrients from the food you eat. If your body can extract more nutrients from nutritious food, you may feel less hungry and won't eat as much. This helps with weight loss!


Yacon Root – Prebiotic

Yacon Root
  • Has the highest concentration of prebiotics of any plant in the world
  • May help to reduce cholesterol levels
  • Supports a strong immune system
  • Promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines

PROBIOTICS are strains of live good bacteria that help with the digestive process. They assist the body in absorbing nutrients and minerals, bring an overall balance to the digestive tract, and help support the immune system.


Bacillus Coagulans – Probiotic

Bacillus Coagulans (Lactobacillus Sporogenes)

While most probiotics get destroyed in the stomach by acids and never make it to the digestive tract, this one is different. This powerful strain is proven to pass through the digestive process, survive stomach acids, and reach the intestines, where it is intended to function.

  • Supports a healthy colon
  • Has been clinically shown to help with bloating
  • Promotes strong digestive function

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES are from plant sources, such as pineapples and papayas, that help your body break food down into its individual components, making nutrients easier to absorb. Cooking can destroy foods' natural digestive enzymes, so there's a good chance that you don't get enough of these enzymes in your diet.


Bromelian – Disgestive Enzyme

  • Is a mixture of enzymes found
    in pineapples
  • Helps with the digestion of protein
  • Contains natural anti-inflammatory properties
Papain – Digestive Enzyme

  • Is a protein-cleaving enzyme derived from papaya
  • Used as a digestive aid
  • Helps promote the body's natural inflammatory response
  • Aids in helping the body dispose of excessive fluid following injury


Most of us don't get the complete range of essential vitamins and minerals in our daily diets.
Some important vitamins, such as vitamin C and the B vitamins, are water-soluble, meaning they're flushed out of your body after a short time and need to be replenished regularly. Others, like vitamin E, can be difficult to get enough of in food.

Vegan Shakeology formulas derive all their vitamins and minerals from whole-food ingredients.
And why is that important? Because vitamins and minerals delivered through whole foods are more easily assimilated and recognized by the body than ones derived from isolates. Plus it's more beneficial that way, since science can't decipher all the different cofactors nature provides in the fruits and vegetables that make vitamins and minerals do their magic in your body.

Because vitamins and minerals found in the fruits and vegetables we use vary from season to season, or even from tree to tree, you won't see the vitamins and minerals listed on the ingredient label on the back of the bag.

Our other Shakeology formulas (the non-vegan ones) are fortified with added vitamins and minerals, so that's why you'll see them listed on the back of the bag. While some people feel they need added vitamin and mineral fortification, others prefer to get their vitamins and minerals only from the natural levels found in whole foods. The choice is up to you. That's why we have both to choose from.


Untouched, unrefined, and unbelievably good for you—Himalayan salt is needed for hydration.

Himalayan Salt

Salt. We've been taught that it's bad for us and to use it sparingly. But what most people don't know is that there's a HUGE difference between traditional table salt (which IS bad for you) and Himalayan salt (which is incredibly good for you).

Traditional table salt (iodized salt) is bleached and chemically altered, and can create some serious health risks. All the negative health reports you hear about salt is referring to that fine, granular stuff most of us grew up with. Not Himalayan salt—the kind that's in Shakeology. Himalayan salt is one of the best things we can put into our bodies because it contains more than 70 trace minerals absorbed naturally from the Earth over thousands of years. It's salt the way nature intended it.

Our bodies are superconductors.
If you don't have salt, your whole primary operating system doesn't work. Think of your 70 trillion cells as batteries. If you don't have salt and electrolytes, those cells won't work. Instead, you use up the glycogen in the cells and they acidify. You don't know what's happening. You start feeling not so great. You get adrenal fatigue. Cholesterol goes up. And your immune system doesn't work as well.

So you body needs salt. But only the good kind.

If you want to try a sample of Shakeology, let me know! :)


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